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March 26th, 2008: NOSTRUM

Definition: NOSTRUM*NOSTRUMS n a medicine of one's own invention

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: nostrumS

Ana-hooks: monturEs mountErs rEmounts romAunts surmoUnt

'Typos': rostrum

Blana-grams: Amounts Antrums Burtons mAtrons mEntors monstEr montrEs monturE mountEr moutAns moutErs moutOns munstEr mutTons nItrous oEstrum outmAns outrUns rEmount romAunt rotunDs rousAnt runoUts sAntour sCrotum stErnum sunroOm tEnours tonsurE tourIsm trAnsom tumoUrs turIons unForms unmoOrs unroOst unroOts unsmArt unsmotE untomBs untrIms

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: mo mon mons mor morn morns mors mort morts mos most mot mots motu motus mou mount mounts mourn mourns mous moust mu mun muns munt munts muon muons mus muso must mut muton mutons muts no nom noms nor norm norms nos not notum nous nout nu nur nurs nus nut nuts om oms on ons onst onus or ors ort orts os ou our ourn ours oust out outs rom roms ront ronts rost rot rots roum roums roust rout routs rum rums run runs runt runts rust rut ruts smout smur smut snort snot snout so son sorn sort sot sou soum sour sout st storm stoun stour strum stum stun sum sumo sun sur sutor to tom toms ton tons tonus tor torn tors torus toun touns tour tours tron trons tum tumor tumors tums tun tuns turm turms turn turns um un uns unto ur urn urns urson us ut uts

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