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March 21st, 2008: PTERYLA

Definition: PTERYLA*PTERYLAE n a feathered area on the skin of a bird

Anagrams: peartly peytral prelaty

Hooks: pterylaE

Ana-hooks: Calypter peytralS plaStery pleNarty pSaltery

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aDeptly alertLy apetAly apleNty apterAl apteryX Cryptal eartHly eCtypal elytraL epUlary Flytrap Greatly Hartely Heartly Irately laMprey latHery lyrateD palFrey palterS paNtler parleyS parSley partleT partyeR peatAry peatEry peDlary peNalty perSalt petralE petraRy peytrEl plaIter plaNter plaSter platerS platIer platTer playerS playLet pleatEr pleCtra pleNary pratTle prelaCy prelatE prOlate prOtyle pSalter pSaltry rayletS realIty reapPly replaNt replatE replayS rOyalet Sparely Stapler tearIly teMplar tHerapy traMple traWley treaCly typaBle typeBar yapSter

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery al ale alert alp alt alter ape aper apert apery apt apter aptly ar are aret arle art artel arty ary aryl at ate ay aye ayelp ayre ea ear earl early eat el elt elytra er era et eta eyra la laer lap lar lare lat late later lay layer lea leap leapt lear leary leat lep lepra lept lepta lerp let ley lyart lye lyrate lyre lyte pa pal pale paler palet palter paltry paly par pare parle parley parly part partly party pat pate pater patly paty pay payer pe pea peal pear pearl pearly peart peat peaty pela pelt pelta peltry per pert pertly pet petal petar petary plat plate plater platy play player plea pleat ply plyer prat prate praty pray pre prey pry pya pyat pye pyet pyral pyre rale rap rape rapt raptly rat rate ratel ray rayle raylet re real realty reap relay rely rep repay repla replay reply ret rya ryal rye rype ta tae tael tale taler tap tape taper tar tare tarp tay te tea teal tear teary tel tela telary tepa tepal trap trape tray trey try trye tryp tye tyer tyler typal type tyre ya (and 13 more)

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