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March 3rd, 2008: FURNACED

Definition: FURNACE*FURNACED*FURNACING*FURNACES v to subject to heat

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': furnaces

Blana-grams: dearnfuL duranceS faBurden frOunced furcaTed Praunced rauncHed Surfaced unBraced uncarTed uncraTed underacT unfaIred unfearEd unfOrced unfraMed unGraced unracKed unTraced

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acer acne acned acre acred ad adunc ae an ance and ane ar arc arced ard are ared arf auf aune cad cade cadre cafe can cane caned caner car card care cared carn cauf cedar cedarn cran crane craned cred crena cru crud crude crue cud cue cued cur curd cure cured curf curn da dace dae dan dance dancer dare darn dauner daur de deaf dean dear dearn decaf def den dern duan duar duce due dun dunce dune dura durance dure durn ea ean ear eard earn eau ecad ecru ecu ed ef en end er era erf ern fa face faced facer fad fade fader fadeur fan fand fane far farce farced fard farden fare fared faun faurd fear fecund fed fen fend fer fern feu feuar feud fra frae franc frau fraud frena fud fun fund funder fur furan furane furnace na nacre nacred nae narc nard nare ne near ned nef nerd nu nude nuder nur nurd race raced rad rade ran rance ranced rand raun re read rean rec red redan ref refund ren rend ruc rud rude rue rued run rund rune runed un unce unde undeaf undear under unfed (and 11 more)

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