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March 2nd, 2008: NEPOTIST

Definition: NEPOTIST*NEPOTISTS n one who practices nepotism

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: nepotistS

Ana-hooks: entoptiCs iMpotents petitIons pHonetist pointIest potentisE pottinesS septAtion

'Typos': nepotism

Blana-grams: Bottines Centoist eMptions entoptiC Fistnote iMpotent ineptEst Jettison noisettE oUtspent pAtients petitIon pettinGs peYotist pHoniest piMentos pistoLet pLotties pointeLs pointeRs poLitest ponCiest ponGiest pontiLes poRniest poRtents poRtiest postnAti postteEn potLines potstOne potteEns pottiesT poUtiest pRoteins Repoints Rispetto sAponite sinopIte sipHonet snottieR snottieS spettinG spinettE spinteXt spittoOn spottieR spottinG stenotiC stinKpot stonieSt tenoRist tentiGos teosintE tinstoNe tintYpes tonetiCs tontiNes topLines topstOne totienTs toWniest tRitones tRopines

Extensions: nepotistIC

Sub-anagrams: en ens eon eons eosin epos es est estop et ettin ettins in inept ins inset instep into io ion ions ios is iso it its ne neist nep nepit nepits neps nest net netop netops nets nett netts nie nies nip nips nis nit nite nites nits no noes noise nope nos nose not note notes nott oe oes oi oint oints on one ones ons onset onst op ope open opens opes opine opines ops opsin opt opts os ose ostent pe pein peins pen peni penis pens pent pents peon peons pes peso pest pesto pet petit pets petti petto pi pie pies piet piets pin pine pines pinot pinots pins pint pinto pintoes pintos pints pion pions pis pise piso piste piston pit piton pitons pits pitten po poet poets poi point pointe pointes points pois poise pone pones ponies pons pont pontes pontie ponties ponts pos pose posit posnet post postie postin pot pote potent potents potes potin potins pots potsie pott potties potts psi psion pst sei sen sent senti sept set seton sett si sien sient sin sine sip sipe sit site sitten snip snipe snit snot snottie so son sone sop sopite (and 86 more)

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