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February 29th, 2008: CLARINET

Definition: CLARINET*CLARINETS n a woodwind instrument

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: clarinetS

Ana-hooks: antiUlcer centriCal centUrial certainlY ciSternal claretinG clariOnet crOtaline interclaN interlacE lacertiAn lacertinE larceniSt nectariAl reclinatE treaclinG

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acentriC acrOlein actiOner alertinG alterinG altriceS anAlcite anOretic anUretic arGentic articleD articleS aUntlier Bacterin caniSter cantiCle carinAte carlineS carnieSt caterinG centiarE centralS ceratinS cHainlet cHatline cilantrO cinerEal ciSterna citranGe clartieR clartinG clearinG cleatinG clientaL cOlinear cOntrail craniAte creatinE creatinG creatinS creatiOn creOlian crinateD Dicentra elatErin encriNal entailEr entrailS erOtical etHnical increatE inertIal inFlater inteGral interacT interlaP interlaY interNal interVal irenIcal iterancE lacerAnt lacertiD laitAnce lancierS latrineS linctUre literacY lOnicera lOricate Metrical nacriteS naVicert Oriental Particle Pectinal Planetic Prelatic ratlineS ratTline reactinG reactiOn recitalS relacinG relatinG relatiOn reliancE reticUla retinalS retinUla Scantier Selictar Sterical tailerOn tailrAce talcKier tanGlier tenUrial terMinal tracTile traMline traPline treEnail trenailS trianGle triPlane Vertical Xerantic

Extensions: clarinetIST clarinetISTS clarinetTIST clarinetTISTS

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acetin acne acre act actin ae ai ail ain aine air airn airt ait al ale alec alert alien aline aliner alit alt alter altern an ance ancile ancle ane anetic ani anil anile ant ante anti antic antler antre ar arc are areic aret ariel aril arle art artel artic article at ate atelic cain cairn can cane caner canier cant canter cantier cantle car care caret carl carle carlin carline carn carnet carnie cart carte cartel cat cate cater catlin ceil cel celt cent cental centra central ceratin ceria cert certain ciel cine cire cirl cit cital cite citer citral clan claret clart clat clean clear cleat client cline clint cran crane crate creant creatin crena cretin criant crinal crinate crine crit ea ean ear earl earn eat eclair eclat el elain elan elint elt en enact enatic eniac enlit entail entia entrail er era eric erica ern et eta etic etna ice icer ictal ilea ileac in incle inert inlace inlet inter intra irate ire it ita la lac lace lacer lacet lacier laer laic lain lair lance lancer lancet lane lant lar lare lari larine larn lat late laten later lati latrine lea lean (and 182 more)

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