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February 18th, 2008: REDIAE

Definition: REDIA*REDIAE*REDIAS n the larva of certain flatworms

Anagrams: aeried dearie

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: areFied Beadier Beardie deaireD dearieS deCiare Fedarie Headier Leadier readieD readieR readieS Wearied

'Typos': mediae redial redias

Blana-grams: aBider aCider adHere adMire aediLe aediNe aerieR aerieS aGreed aiderS airNed airTed aredeS arideR ariLed arRide aVider Beared Braide Caried daiKer darKie deaDer deaFer deairS deaLer deaNer deareD deareR deareS deaWie deCare deFier deiCer deiDer deKare deNier deraiL deraTe deriDe deriVe deSire deWier diaLer diaPer dieDre dieTer draGee draWee dreaRe eardeD earNed eaSier edGier eiderS eNdear ePeira eraSed eVader eXedra Fadier Faerie Faired Feared Feriae Geared Haired Header Hearie Heired Heried ideaeD ideaTe iradeS Laered Laired Leader Leared Leired Lieder Neared Nereid Oreide Paired Pardee Pardie Perdie Pereia raideD raideR raiKed raiLed raiNed raiSed raiTed raNdie raZeed readeR reaKed reaMed reaPed reaRed reaVed redaTe redeaL redeaR reediT reiNed reiVed reLaid reLide reLied reMade reMead reMeid reNied rePaid reRead reSaid reSeda reSide reTied reVied rOadie Saired Seared Teared Tedier Tiered Tirade Uredia Ureide Varied Waired Weared Weired

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae aerie ai aid aide aider air aired ar ard are ared arede arid da dae dare dari de deair dear deare dee deer dei dere di die dire dree ea ear eard eared ed ee eide eider er era ere ered id ide idea idee irade ire ired rad rade rai raid re read red rede redia ree reed rei ria rid ride

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