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January 27th, 2008: NITRIDE

Definition: 1. NITRIDE*NITRIDED*NITRIDING*NITRIDES v to convert into a nitride (a compound of nitrogen) 2. NITRIDE*NITRIDES n a compound of nitrogen

Anagrams: inditer

Hooks: nitrideD nitrideS

Ana-hooks: dAintier diriGent diriMent diSinter indiCter indireCt inditerS intrePid reindiCt retinOid rindieSt Untidier

'Typos': nitrids nitrile nitrite

Blana-grams: Antired Citrine Crinite denArii detrAin deXtrin diCtier dietinE dietinG dineriC dinGier dinitrO dinKier diOrite dirtieD dirtieR dirtieS dirtinG ditSier ditZier diViner editinG editiOn erinitE iCterid identiC iGnited iGniter inCited inCiter inditeD inditeS ineditA inertiA inHerit inSider interiM intrUde inVited inViter Lintier Mintier neritiC niFtier niteriE nitTier Printed rindieR riPtide tendriL teniOid terMini tidDier tideriP tidierS tierinG tiGrine tiMider tinderS tinderY tineidS tinNier tinTier trAined tridenT trindLe triTide tUrdine tWinier Untired Untride Untried Uridine Vitrine Windier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei den dent dern di die diet din dine diner dint dire dirt dit dite drent ed edit en end er ern et id ide in indie indite indri inert inter inti intire ire ired irid it ne ned nerd net nid nide nidi nie nied nit nite niter nitid nitre nitrid re red rei rein ren rend rent ret rid ride rident rin rind rine rit rite te ted teiid teind ten tend tern ti tid tide tidier tie tied tier tin tind tinder tine tined tineid tinier tire tired trend tride trie tried trin trine trined

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