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November 19th, 2007: UITLANDER

Definition: UITLANDER*UITLANDERS n a foreigner

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: uitlanderS

Ana-hooks: adulterinE Prudential rudiMental

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aCidulent antiulCer aVirulent Centurial Curtailed Curtained dentaliuM Flauntier Gerundial Granulite indurateD indurateS inSulated interlaId interlaRd interludE laundrieS liGatured Outlander retinulaE retinulaR retinulaS ruMinated tailendEr telLurian treadlinG trianGled tridenTal ultraFine ultraWide unalertEd unalterEd unatTired underlaiD underlaiN unPlaited unreadilY unrealitY unrelatEd unridaBle unriValed untraiNed uredinIal

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adieu adit adult ae ai aid aide aider ail ailed ain air aired airn airt airted ait al alder aldrin ale alert alien aline alined aliner alit aliunde alt alter alunite an and ane ani anil anile ant ante anted anti antired antler antre ar ardent are arid ariel aril ariled art artel at ate audient audile audit auld aulder aunt auntie auntlier aurei da dal dale dan dare darn darnel dart dartle date dater daunt daunter daut dautie de deair deal dealt dean dear deil del deli delt delta den denar denari deni denial dent dental dentil dentural derail derat detail detain detrain dial dialer die diel diet dilate dilater diluent dilute diluter din dinar dine diner dint dire dirl dirt dit dita dite diurnal drail drain drat dual due duel duet dui duit dulia dun dune dunite dunt dura dural dure durian durn ear earl earn eat eau ed edit el elain elan eland eld elint eluant en end entail entia er era ern et eta etna etui id idea ideal ident idle idler ilea in indue indult indurate inert inlet inter intrude inure inured irade irate ire ired it la lad lade laden lader laid lain (and 349 more)

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