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November 17th, 2007: SERIATION

Definition: SERIATION*SERIATIONS n the dating of archeological objects by placing them in chronological order

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: seriationS

Ana-hooks: iteraTions oriGinates Vanitories

'Typos': serration striation

Blana-grams: aCtioners aerAtions anoiNters anoretiCs antiNoise asSertion atroPines Baritones Brainiest Corneitis Creations Derations Disorient Grainiest Historian iDeations insertioN interioRs introFies ioDinates iteraTion Misorient notariseD notariseS notariZes notiFiers oBtainers oraLities oranGiest orDinates orientaLs oriGinate ostiarieS Patronise reaCtions reanoiNts reLations reoBtains restaTion retinoiDs riGatonis saintLier sanitiZer sanitoriA senHorita senioritY senoritaS seriatinG serotinaL soLitaire sortieinG staTioner taBorines tensoriaL toPiaries triaZines

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon aeons aero ai ain ains air airest airiest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ane anes anestri ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antis antre antres ants antsier aorist ar are ares ariose ariosi arise arisen aristo aroint aroints arose ars arse arseno arsine arsino arson art arts artsie as aster astern astir at ate ates atone atoner atoners atones atonies ear earn earns ears east eat eats en ens entia eon eons eosin er era eras erasion ern erns eros ers erst es est estrin et eta etas etna etnas in inert inertia inertias inerts inia inosite inro ins insert inset instar inter inters inti intis into intro intros ion ionise ioniser ions iota iotas irate ire ires iris iron irone irones ironies ironiest ironise ironist irons is isatin isatine it its na nae naes naoi naos nares naris nastier nates ne near nears neat neats neist nerts nest nestor net nets nisei nisi nit nite niter niters nites nitre nitres nitro nitros nits no noes noir noirs noise noisier nor nori noria norias noris norite norites nos nose nosier not nota notaries notarise note noter noters notes oar oars oast oat oaten (and 307 more)

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