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November 1st, 2007: CAUTIONER

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: cautionerS

Ana-hooks: aeronAutic auctioneEr enuNciator eructaTion noctuarieS Precaution recuSation uLceration

'Typos': cautioned

Blana-grams: acCretion actionerS ancHorite anorectiC anoreticS antecHoir antiuLcer arcuAtion auctioneD autocriMe autoGenic caneFruit carnotiTe cautionrY centuriaL centurioN cineratoR cLarionet conFiture conNature contaiNer contiNuer countrieS couranteS courteSan courteZan creationS creMation crenatioN cretinouS croQuante crotaLine curtaineD curtaTion curVation eDucation encurtaiN ePuration Fornicate Furcation incuBator incurVate inocuLate inQuorate introDuce Juniorate Ketonuria Manticore Mucronate narcotiNe narcotiSe narcotiZe nectarouS neuratioN neuroticS neutroNic nucLeator ortaniQue outLinear outracinG outraiGne outranceS raconteuR reactionS recaPtion recountaL reDaction reDuction ructaTion runciNate Securitan Suctorian tenaciouS truancieS uncertaiN unDercoat

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acetin acne aconite acorn acre act actin action actioner acton actor acture acute acuter ae aeon aeonic aero ai ain aine air airn airt ait aitu an ance ane anetic ani anicut anoetic anoretic ant ante anti antic antre anuretic anuric aortic ar arc arco are areic aret ariot arnut aroint art artic at ate atoc atone atoner atonic auction aune aunt aunter auntie aurei auric auto cain cairn can cane caner canier canoe cant canter cantier canto cantor car care caret carn carnet carnie carotin cart carte carton cat cate cater cation cauter caution cent centaur cento centra ceratin ceria cero cert certain ciao cine cion cire cit cite citer cito citron coat coate coater coati coenuri coin coiner cointer coir coit con cone coni conia conte contra conure cor core coria corn cornea cornet corni cornu cornua cornute cortin cot cotan cote coteau count counter cour courant courante coure court couter cran crane crate craton creant creatin creation crena cretin criant crinate crine crit crone cronet crout croute cru crue cruet cue cuit cuiter cunt cur curat curate cure curet curia curiae curie curiet curio curite curn curt curtain cut cute cuter cutie cutin ea ean (and 359 more)

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