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July 6th, 2007: NASTIC

Definition: NASTIC adj pertaining to an automatic response of plants

Anagrams: actins antics

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: acEtins actinGs actiOns anticKs atOnics castinG catiOns catKins catLins catniPs cinEast Discant incaNts naRcist satAnic stanNic tincaLs

'Typos': mastic

Blana-grams: acEtin acinUs actinG actiOn anisIc anticK ascEnt atOnic atTics caBins caiRns caniDs cantHi cantiC cantOs cantUs casEin casinG casinI casinO casitA catiOn catKin catLin catniP cEntai cEntas cHains cHants cHinas cHints cOatis cOtans cRista cUtins Dicast Enacts Enatic Faints Fincas Gainst Giants Haints incaNt incasE incEst insEct instaL instaR intacT isatIn Linacs Manics Mantic Mantis Matins Misact nicaDs nicEst Octans Paints Panics Patins Pintas Ptisan Racist saintS sanctA sanitY santiR satinG satinS satinY scantS scantY scOtia sEcant sEitan sHanti sicCan snatcH snitcH stainS stancE stancH staTic staTin stRain tainTs taKins tanisT tanNic tEnias ticaLs tincaL tincTs tinEas tisanE tiTans tOcsin tOnics tRains tRiacs tUnica tUnics tWains Uncast Vincas Witans

Extensions: DYnastic EPInastic PLEOnastic MOnastic(S) PREDYnastic SLIMnasticS DYnasticALLY GYMnastic(S) MOnasticALLY GYMnasticALLY MOnasticISM(S) PLEOnasticALLY

Sub-anagrams: act actin acts ai ain ains ais ait aits an ani anis ant anti antic antis ants as asci at cain cains can cans canst cant cants cast cat cats cis cist in ins is it its na nit nits sac sain saint sat sati satin scan scant scat si sic sin sit snit stain ta tain tains tan tans tas ti tic tics tin tins tis

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