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June 15th, 2007: SANDPILE

Definition: SANDPILE*SANDPILES n a pile of sand

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sandpileS

Ana-hooks: inClasped palinOdes penalisEd pinelaNds planesidE planisHed pleadinGs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: anNelids Biplanes Capelins dealinGs deansHip delainEs depainTs deplanEs despiSal displaCe displanT dYspneal elapsinG endplaYs eXplains Headpins Helipads iMpanels iMpleads islandeD islandeR landsiDe landsKip landsLip leadinGs liFespan lindaNes lipReads Maniples Misplead Opalines painlesS palAdins palinOde palisAde panelisT paniCled paniCles panTiled panTiles paRslied pedalinG peliCans penalisE pieBalds pinelaNd pinHeads pinWales plainesT pleadinG pleasinG pleiadEs pRalines sandliKe sepalinE sepalOid siGnaled sKiplane spadilLe spaldeEn spandRel spandRil spanGled spanielS spaVined spindleD spindleR spindleS spinUlae spiRaled splendiD spleniaL splinTed spRained Talipeds

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae ai aid aide aides aids ail ailed ails ain ains ais aisle aisled al ale ales alien aliens aline alined alines aliped alipeds alp alpine alpines alps als an and ands ane anes ani anil anile anils anis anise ape aped apes apse as aside asp aspen dais dal dale dales dals dan dans dap daps de deal deals dean deans deasil deil deils del deli delis dels den deni denial denials dens dial dials die diel dies din dine dines dins dip dips dis dispel ed eds el elain elains elan eland elands elans elapid elapids eld elds els en end ends ens es espial id idea ideal ideals ideas ides idle idles ids ilea in ins is island isle isled la lad lade laden ladens lades ladies lads laid lain land lands lane lanes lap lapides lapin lapins lapis laps lapse lapsed las lase lased lea lead leads lean leans leap leaps leas led lei leis lend lends lenis lens li liane lianes lid lids lie lied lien liens lies lin line lined lines lins lip lipa lipase lipe lips lis lisp lisped na nae nail nailed nails naled naleds nap nape napes naps ne (and 191 more)

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