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June 3rd, 2007: GLIADINE

Definition: GLIADINE*GLIADINES n gliadin

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: gliadineS

Ana-hooks: angliFied deRailing deTailing Redialing

'Typos': gliadins

Blana-grams: alCidine algiCide alieniNg Bielding Blindage daiDling danglieR deaiRing dealingS deaRling deFiling delaTing delaYing deliMing deViling dialingS dialLing dilaTing diligenT diPlegia dRagline dRailing eildingS eMailing Fielding Finagled Finialed gainlieR galenOid gOnidial gRidelin Healding ideaTing iMagined ladeniNg leadingS liMnaeid Maligned Medaling Pedaling Plaiding Pleading Sideling Signaled Wielding Yielding

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ag age aged agen agile agin ai aid aide aiding ail ailed ailing ain aine al ale algid algin alien align aligned aline alined an and ane angel angle angled ani anil anile da dae daeing dag daine dal dale dali dan dang dangle de deal dealing dean dei deign deil del deli den denial di dial dialing die dieing diel dig din dine ding dinge dingle ea ean ed egad egal eild eilding el elain elan eland eld eldin elding eliad eliding en end eng engild gad gade gadi gae gaed gaen gaid gain gained gal gale gan gane geal gean ged gel geld gelid gen gena genal genial genii gi gid gie gied gien gila gild gilden gin glad glade gland glean gled glei glen glia gliadin glid glide id ide idea ideal idle idling igad ilea ilia iliad in indie ingle inia inlaid la lad lade laden lading lag lagend laid laiding lain land lande lane lang lea lead leading lean led leg lei lend leng li liane liang lid lie lied lien lig ligan ligand ligne lin linage lind line lined ling linga na nae nag nail nailed naled ne neal ned nid nidal (and 6 more)

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