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April 17th, 2007: LIMINESS

Definition: LIMINESS*LIMINESSES n the state of being limy

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Sliminess

Ana-hooks: Alienisms Filminess milKiness sliminesS

'Typos': limpness riminess

Blana-grams: Alienism Dislimns elisiOns eliTisms emissilE emissiOn emUlsins enClisis Flimsies islesmAn islesmEn isOlines lemnisCi linisHes liOnises liOnisms miDlines milDness milLines minDless minisHes miRiness misFiles misliKes misliVes missileS Oiliness Plenisms similIse simOnies slimiesT slimLine slimnesS slimsieR smilinGs Wiliness

Extensions: liminessES SliminessES

Sub-anagrams: el elm elms els elsin elsins em ems en ens es ess imine imines in inisle inisles ins is isle isles ism isms issei lei leis lenis lens les less li lie lien liens lies lime limen limens limes limn limns lin line lines lins lis me mein meins mel mels men mes mess mi mien miens mil mile miles mils mine mines mini minis mis mise mises mislie mislies miss missel missile ne nelis ness nie nies nil nils nim nims nis nisei niseis nisi nisse sei seil seils seis seisin seism sel sels semi semis sen sens si sien siens sile silen sileni silens siles sim simi simile similes simis simlin simlins simnel simnels sims sin sine sines sins sis slim slime slimes slims smile smiles snies

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