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February 9th, 2007: WRASTLE


Anagrams: warstle wastrel

Hooks: wrastleD wrastleS

Ana-hooks: trawleRs trawleYs waltZers warstleD warstleR warstleS wartlesS wastrelS

'Typos': warstle wrassle wrestle

Blana-grams: aNtlers arMlets artlesS Bawlers Blaster Brawest Cartels Clarets Clawers Crestal Dartles elatErs estrUal Falters Fretsaw Halters Harslet laBrets laMster larGest lasterS latHers latTers lawYers Olestra Palters Persalt Plaster Platers Psalter ratTles realEst realIst relatEs reNtals reslatE retaIls salterN salterS salterY saltIer saltIre salUter sCarlet slaterS slatHer slatIer staBler stalKer staPler starleT starTle stealEr stelLar sterNal stewarD straweD swatHer swatTer sweatEr sweltEr sweltrY taIlers talKers tHalers tHawers traMels traVels trawleD trawleR trawleY trOwels Varlets Vestral waFters waIlers waIster waIters walKers walLets waltZer waltZes waNters warBles warIest warlesS warMest warsleD warsleR warsleS wasterS wasterY wastrIe watTles wealtHs weltErs wHalers wreatHs

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alert alerts ales als alt alter alters alts ar are ares arles ars arse art artel artels arts as aster at ate ates aw awe awes awl awls ear earl earls ears east eat eats el els er era eras ers erst es est estral et eta etas la lar lares lars las lase laser last laster lat late later lats law laws lea lear lears leas least les lest let lets rale rales ras rase rat rate ratel ratels rates rats raw rawest raws re real reals res resat resaw rest ret rets sae sal sale salt salter sat sate saw sawer sea seal sear seat sel ser sera seral set seta setal sew sewar slat slate slater slaw slew stale staler star stare staw steal stela stelar stew straw strew swale sware swart swat swear sweat ta tae tael taels tale taler talers tales tar tare tares tars tas tase taser taw tawer tawers taws tawse te tea teal teals tear tears teas tel tela tels tes tesla tew tews trawl trawls tres trews tsar twa twae twaes twas wae waes wale waler walers wales war ware wares wars warsle wart warts was wast waste (and 19 more)

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