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November 27th, 2006: REBATO

Definition: REBATO*REBATOS n rabato

Anagrams: boater borate

Hooks: rebatoS

Ana-hooks: abetTor aborteD aborteE aborteR arboRet baroNet batTero bLoater boaSter boaterS borateD borateS broMate Probate reboaNt Sorbate taboreD taboreR taboreT

'Typos': rabato rebate rubato

Blana-grams: abAter abAtor aborNe abortS aerobE aLbert aMoret aortAe arbUte atHrob atoNer baIter baNter barBet bareSt barIte barRet barteR bartoN barYte baSter batHer batLer batTer baXter beatEr beratE bertHa beSort beStar betraY betroD betTor beZoar bLater boartS boateD boateL boatIe boLter boraGe boraNe boreaL botHer boVate breaSt breatH bretoN Coater Debtor Doater earboB Garote Jerboa Labret Lobate Lorate oaterS obIter obLate obVert oMerta orateD orateS orbIta orGeat orNate oUtbar Protea rabBet rebaIt reboOt roateD roateS rotaTe Sorbet Strobe taberD taberS taborS taboUr tabreT taMber tarboY teaboX terbIa toeraG toWbar troaDe

Extensions: rebatoES

Sub-anagrams: ab abet abo abore abort ae aero ar arb are aret art at ate ba bar bare bat bate be bear beat bet beta bo boa boar boart boat bor bora bore bort bot bota bra brae brat bro ea ear eat er era et eta oar oat oater ob oba obe oe or ora orate orb ore ort rat rate rato re reb ret roate rob robe roe rot rota rote ta tab taber tabor tae tao tar tare taro te tea tear to toe toea tor tora tore

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