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July 18th, 2006: TECHNO

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: technoS

Ana-hooks: choLent henotIc notcheD notcheL notcheR notcheS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: cenotE centoS chAton chenEt chIton choSen cLothe coGent cohUne coMeth conChe conteS coRnet coVent cRonet Docent econUt eothEn ethIon ethnIc ethnoS hectoR honeSt hoRnet Moneth noceNt nocheL nocKet noetIc notchY notheR notIce ochOne octAne Potche Rochet Rotche Stench thencE thRone tocheR toUche tRench tRoche

Extensions: technoPOP technoCRAT technoFEAR technoLOGY technoPOLE technoPOPS technoCRACY technoCRATS technoFEARS technoLOGIC technoMANIA technoMUSIC technoPHILE technoPHOBE technoPOLES technoPOLIS technoSPEAK technoBABBLE technoCRATIC technoGRAPHY technoJUNKIE technoLOGIES technoLOGIST technoLOGIZE technoMANIAC technoMANIAS technoMUSICS technoPHILES technoPHOBES technoPHOBIA technoPHOBIC technoSPEAKS technoSTRESS BIOtechnoLOGY GEOtechnoLOGY technoBABBLES technoCRACIES technoJUNKIES technoLOGICAL technoLOGISTS technoLOGIZED technoLOGIZES technoMANIACS technoPHOBIAS technoPHOBICS technoPOLISES technoPOLITAN ANTItechnoLOGY CYTOtechnoLOGY MEGAtechnoLOGY NANOtechnoLOGY TEROtechnoLOGY technoPOLITANS technoSTRESSES BIOtechnoLOGIES BIOtechnoLOGIST GEOtechnoLOGIES MICROtechnoLOGY technoLOGICALLY

Sub-anagrams: cent cento ch che chon con cone conte cot cote coth ech echo echt eh en eon et etch eth he hen hent het ho hoc hoe hon hone hot hote hoten ne net no noh not notch note nth och oche oe oh on once one te tech ten tench the then tho thon to toc toe ton tone

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