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July 7th, 2006: INTERAGE

Definition: INTERAGE adj including persons of various ages

Anagrams: gratinee

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: agentrieS argentiNe argentiTe Denigrate gerMinate gratineeD gratineeS integraTe reHeating rePeating reSeating reteaMing reteaRing Stingaree tangeriNe

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerAting agenetiC agentiVe agreeinG aigretTe aLerting aLgerine aLtering anergieS angrieSt anKerite antigeNe antiMere aPerient areniteS argentiC arSenite aStringe aVerting Berating Catering Centiare Creatine Creating Derating Detainer eartHing eLaterin eMigrant eMigrate entaiLer enteriNg ereCting ergatiVe eStrange eVerting eXerting Figeater gaLenite ganiSter gantrieS geLatine geMinate generatE genitUre gentriCe gentrieS geSneria gnatTier graDient graniteS granteeS greatenS greenLit greetinG grieVant Hearting Heritage Herniate inCreate inertIae ingatHer ingrateS integerS integraL iteranCe Legatine Metering negaterS negatiVe Perigean Petering rangieSt raZeeing reaCting reagentS reBating reDating reeSting regaineD regaineR regentaL regiMent reignIte reLating reMating reSinate retaineD retaineR retaKing retaPing retaXing retieIng Sergeant Stearine Steering taBering tangLier taPering teenagEr traineeS treaDing treaTing treenaiL triangLe tWangier Vintager Watering

Extensions: interageNCY

Sub-anagrams: ae aerie ag age agee agene agent ager agin agree ai aigret ain air airn airt ait an ane anger ani ant ante anti antre ar are arene arenite arete argent art at ate eager eagre ear earing earn eat eaten eater eating eger egret en enate eng engirt enrage enter entera entia entire er era ere erg ergate ern erne et eta etna gae gaen gain gainer gait gaiter gan gane gar garnet garni gat gate gater gear gee gen gene genera genet genie genre gent gerent get geta giant gie gien gin girn girt git gite gnar gnat grain gran granite grant grantee grat grate gratin gratine great greaten gree green greet grin grit in inert ingate ingrate integer inter irate ire it na nae nag ne near neat neater nee neg negate negater net nit nite niter nitre rag rage ragee ragi rai rain ran ranee rang range rani rant rat rate ratine rating re reagent reagin ree reg regain regent regina reginae regna rei reign rein renig rent rente ret retag retain rete retia retie retina retinae retine ria riant rig rin ring rite ta tae tag tain tan tang tangier tar tare targe taring tarn (and 35 more)

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