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November 18th, 2005: MONIST

Definition: MONIST*MONISTS n an adherent of monism

Anagrams: inmost

Hooks: monistS

Ana-hooks: Gnomist intomBs mAnitos mEstino moistEn montiEs motiOns sEntimo

'Typos': mongst monish monism

Blana-grams: Aminos Amnios Bionts Eonism imPost inGots intomB intRos Jimson Joints mAnito mAntis mAtins mEntos minoRs moniEs montEs montHs motiFs motiOn moUnts mUtons mYosin nitoNs nitRos nomisM ostiUm oUtsin Pinots Pintos Piston Pitons Points Postin sAntim simonY simoOn sitCom somitE somOni sPinto stinGo stinKo stoTin tiGons toCsin tomAns toniCs tonisH tonsiL toXins Vomits

Extensions: DEmonist SImonist monistIC DEmonistS HARmonist MAMmonist SImonistS HARmonistS MAMmonistS MNEmonist# EUDAEmonist EUDEmonist# HEGEmonist# MNEmonistS# monistICAL# EUDAEmonistS EUDAImonist$ EUDEmonistS# HARmonistIC# HEGEmonistS# MAMmonistIC# EUDAEmonistIC EUDAImonistS$ EUDEmonistIC# monistICALLY# EUDAImonistIC$ EUDEmonistICAL# EUDAEmonistICAL# HARmonistICALLY#

Sub-anagrams: in ins into ion ions is ism it its mi mint mints mis miso mist mo moi moist mon mons mos most mot mots nim nims nit nits no nom noms nos not oi om omit omits oms on ons os si sim sin sit smit snit snot so som son sot ti tin tins tis to tom toms ton tons

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