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November 13th, 2005: TROMPE

Definition: TROMPE*TROMPES n a device used for supplying air to a furnace

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: trompeD trompeS

Ana-hooks: Compter pomFret portmeN premoLt promOte Stomper temporE

'Typos': tromps troupe

Blana-grams: Amoret Coempt Comper Copter Deport emotEr empArt epromS eXport Forpet Gromet Import meNtor merLot metEor metopE metroS moLter moNtre moOter moperS moperY mopIer mopPer mopPet motHer motIer motSer moUter mpretS omertA opterS optIme permIt petroL poetrY poOter porteD porteR poSter potHer potmeN potTer potZer poUter poWter preSto pretoR proemS proJet promPt proteA proteI reDtop remotE repLot repoRt repoSt repotS reSpot rompeD rompeR roUpet Stoper tAmper tempEr tempoS termoR tHorpe toOmer toperS topmeN topPer tremoR tropeD tropeS Uptore

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: em eprom er et me met metro mo moe mop mope moper mor more mort mot mote mpret oe om omer op ope opt opter or ore ort pe per perm pert pet po poem poet pom pome pore port pot pote pre pro proem prom re rem rep repo repot ret roe rom romp rope rot rote te temp tempo term to toe tom tome top tope toper tor tore tromp trop trope

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