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October 23rd, 2005: PERIDOT

Definition: PERIDOT*PERIDOTS n a mineral

Anagrams: diopter dioptre proteid

Hooks: peridotE peridotS

Ana-hooks: depiCtor diopterS dioptreS dipteroI dipteroN dipteroS iMported piedFort proFited proteidE proteidS ripoSted topSider tropHied

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Adopter Bedropt Cordite deBitor deorBit deportS depoSit diorIte dipterA direMpt diSport doiLter dopieSt dortieR dotTier dropLet editorS epidotE etoUrdi Firepot Goitred iodUret Leporid opiAted orBited oUtride oVertip pArotid pArtied perCoid periodS perioSt peroXid piCoted pieFort pierRot piLoted pirAted piVoted piVoter podDier podGier poditeS poiNder poiNted poiNter poitreL poLiter porieSt porteNd portieR poSited potTier poUtier prediCt preEdit preRiot priNted proiNed proStie proteiN proteNd proVide pterioN reAdopt redtopS repoiNt repoSit ripoSte riptIde roiSted ropieSt roSited roZited Sopited Sortied Spirted Sported Steroid Storied Striped tepidEr tHeroid tiderIp tierodS tipToed topSide torpedO torpidS triodeS tripLed tripodS tripodY tripPed troMped troOped tropiNe troUped

Extensions: peridotES peridotIC peridotITE peridotITES peridotITIC

Sub-anagrams: de dei deport depot di die diet dip dipt dire dirt dit dite do doe doer doit dop dope doper dopier dor dore dorp dort dot dote doter dotier drip dript droit drop dropt ed edit editor er et id ide io ire ired it od ode oe oi op ope oped opt opted opter or ord ore ort pe ped pedro per peri period pert pet pi pie pied pier piert piet pioted pir pit po pod podite poet poi pore pored port ported pot pote poted pre pride pried pro prod protei re red redip redipt redo redtop rei rep repo repot ret rid ride riot rioted rip ripe riped ript rit rite rod rode roe roed rope roped rot rote roted roti te ted tepid ti tid tide tie tied tier tierod tip tire tired tiro to tod toe toed top tope toped toper topi tor tore tori torpid trepid tride trie tried trio triode trip tripe tripod trod trode trop trope troped

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