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September 23rd, 2005: OVERSLIP


Anagrams: slipover

Hooks: Coverslip overslipS overslipT

Ana-hooks: overpliEs overspilL slipCover slipoverS spilLover

'Typos': overskip

Blana-grams: Disprove iMplores iMproves leporiDs overlAps overliEs overplUs oversAil overspiN overTips peloriAs peloriEs pelorisM periloUs pervioUs pilHorse pivoTers plosiveS plUviose poiTrels polArise polisHer preBoils prelivEs prevAils previoUs previsoR proClive proFiles proliNes proviDes proviNes reliEvos repolisH rivUlose slopPier sorpTive spoilerS sporTive vAlorise vAporise vArioles viperoUs volAries voleriEs

Extensions: CoverslipS overslipPED overslipPING

Sub-anagrams: el elops els eorl eorls epos epris er eros ers ervil ervils es evil evils io ios ire ires is isle iso lei leir leirs leis lep leps lerp lerps les lev levis levo li lie lier liers lies lip lips lire lis lisp lisper live liver livers lives livor livors livre livres lo loipe loir loirs lop lope loper lopers lopes lops lor lore lores lories loris los lose loser love lover lovers loves oe oes oi oil oiler oilers oils ole oles olive oliver olivers olives olpe olpes op ope opes ops or ore ores oriel oriels orle orles ors os ose osier over overs pe pelvis per peri peril perils peris perv pervs pes peso pi pie pier piers pies pile piler pilers piles pilose pir pirl pirls pirs pis pise piso plie plier pliers plies plosive plover plovers po poi pois poise poiser pol pole poleis poler polers poles polis pols pore pores pos pose poser posier pre pries prise pro prole proles pros prose prove proves psi re rei reis reoil reoils rep repo repos reps res rev revs riel riels rile riles rip ripe ripes rips rise risp rive rivel rivels rives rivo rivos (and 107 more)

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