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August 22nd, 2005: HYDRATE

Definition: HYDRATE*HYDRATED*HYDRATING*HYDRATES v to combine with water

Anagrams: thready

Hooks: hydrateD hydrateS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': hydrase

Blana-grams: aIrthed Breadth Breathy Charted dearthS deathLy deNtary dIetary dIthery dryBeat earthEd earthLy Gyrated hardeSt hardSet harteLy hatredS hayrIde heartEd heartLy hydraNt hydrIae Lathery Lyrated ratChed Strayed theraPy thraWed threadS traGedy traShed trayNed tyraNed Wrathed Wreathy yaChted yaChter

Extensions: DEhydrateD DEhydrateS REhydrateD REhydrateS DEhydrate(S) HEMIhydrateD HEMIhydrateS HEXAhydrateS REhydrate(S) CARBOhydrateS DEhydrateR(S) HEMIhydrate(S) HEXAhydrate(S) CARBOhydrate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ad adry ae aery ah ahed ar ard are ared aret art arty ary at ate ay aye ayre da dae dah dare dart date dater day de dear dearth deary death deathy derat deray derth dey drat dray drey dry dye dyer ea ear eard earth earthy eat eath ed edh eh er era et eta eth eyra ha had hade hae haed haet hard hardy hare hared hart hat hate hated hater hatred hay hayed hayer he head heady hear heard heart hearty heat her herd hery het hey hydra hydrae hye hyed hyte rad rade rah rahed rat rate rated rath rathe ray rayed re read ready red reh ret rhea rhy rhyta rya rye ta tad tae taed tahr tar tardy tare tared tay te tea tead tear teary ted tedy tehr thae thar the they thrae thread thy trad trade tray tread trey try trye tyde tye tyed tyer tyre tyred ya yah yar yard yare yate ye yea yead yeah year yeard yeh yerd yet

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