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June 28th, 2005: ENERGID

Definition: ENERGID*ENERGIDS n a nucleus and the body of cytoplasm with which it interacts

Anagrams: dreeing reeding reigned

Hooks: energidS

Ana-hooks: Beringed Breeding deringeR deSigner engirdeD engirdLe Fingered ginGered Lingered reCeding redeSign redYeing reedingS reedLing regAined reHinged renigGed reSigned

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Agender Angered Bendier Cringed deeDing deeMing deFiner deigneD deKeing deLeing deMiner denierS derAign derAnge dernieR dingerS dingIer diVerge dUngier engiNed engirdS enrAged erMined erOding Feeding Feigned Feigner Freeing Fringed genderS generiC grAdine grAined grAndee greeinG greenEd greeniE greiSen grenAde grieVed grindeD grindeR grinNed grOined Hedgier Heeding Herding ignOred inBreed indeXer inHered inTeger Jeering Ledgier Leering neediEr neediNg neigHed nerdieR nereidS Peering Preeing reAding reBegin redDing redLine redOing redWing reeFing reeKing reeLing reeVing reFined regiMen reginAe regiVen regRind reHinge reindeX reinKed reLined rendiNg renegEd rePined reSined reWiden riPened Sedgier Seeding Treeing Veering Wedgier Weeding Widener Wringed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dee deer deign den dene deni denier dere die diene dig din dine diner ding dinge dinger dire dirge dree dreg ed edge edger edgier eger eide eider en end ender eng engird er ere erg ern erne ged gee geed gen gender gene genie genre gi gid gie gied gien gin gird girn girned gree greed green grid gride grin grind id in ire ired ne nee need neg nerd nereid nide re red rede reding ree reed reg regie rei reign rein reined rend renig rid ride ridge rig rin rind ring ringed

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