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May 14th, 2005: CLINE

Definition: CLINE*CLINES n a series of changes within a species

Anagrams: incle

Hooks: clineS

Ana-hooks: Ancile cineOl clienT enOlic incleS inlAce lecTin lenTic leUcin licHen nicelY nicKel nicKle nUclei Pencil

'Typos': aline chine clime cling clink clint clipe clone crine

Blana-grams: Alien Ancle Anile ceilI ceilS celLi cHiel cHile cielS cineS cleAn clieD clieS cOlin elAin elcHi elDin elFin elinT elOin elSin eniAc enliT Genic ileAc inGle inKle inleT lAnce leniS lenTi leVin liAne lienS liGne liKen liMen linAc lincH lineD lineN lineR lineS lineY liVen Melic Mince neliS niceR nicHe nicOl niecE Oleic Olein Relic Silen Since Slice Telic Uncle Wince Xenic Yince

Extensions: DEclineD DEclineS INclineD INclineS REclineD REclineS ISOclineS SYNclineS ANTIclineS DEcline(S) HALOclineS INcline(S) MONOclineS PERIclineS REcline(S) DEclineR(S) DISINclineD DISINclineS INclineR(S) ISOcline(S) MICROclineS REclineR(S) SYNcline(S) TREAclineSS ANTIcline(S) DOXYCYclineS GEANTIclineS GEOSYNclineS HALOcline(S) MONOcline(S) OVERINclineD PERIcline(S) TETRACYcline THERMOclineS MICROcline(S) TETRACYclineS TREAclineSSES DOXYCYcline(S) EUGEOSYNclineS GEANTIcline(S) GEOSYNcline(S) THERMOcline(S) OXYTETRACYcline EUGEOSYNcline(S)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel ciel cine el en ice in lei li lice lie lien lin line ne nice nie nil

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