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March 29th, 2005: HORST

Definition: HORST*HORSTS n a portion of the earth's crust

Anagrams: short

Hooks: horstE horstS

Ana-hooks: Borsht Broths Froths hostrY Norths orthOs othErs rEshot roUths roWths shortS shortY thorNs thorPs throBs throEs throWs torAhs toshEr troThs Whorts Worths

'Typos': hoast hoist horse horsy hurst worst

Blana-grams: Borts Broth Coths Crost Dorts Estro Ethos Forth Forts Frosh Frost Froth Ghost Gosht Grots hAros hArts hEros hoArs hoErs hoLts hoOts horAs horNs hostA hostS hoUrs hoUts hUrts Khors Mohrs Morts Moths North oAths orthO othEr Phots Ports Prost rAths rAtos rIots roAst roIst roNts roOst roOts roRts rosEt rosIt rostS rotAs rotCh rotEs rotIs rotLs rotOs roUst roUth roUts roWth roWts roYst rUths rYots shIrt shoAt shoEr shoOt shorE shorL shorN shotE shotS shotT shoUt shroW sLoth sNort soOth sortS sothS soUth soWth sPort stoOr storE storK storM storY stoUr stroP stroW stroY sUtor tAhrs tAros tEhrs thArs thorN thorO thorP thosE thoUs throB throE throW tIros tohOs toPhs torAh torAs torCh torCs torEs torOs torRs torsE torsI torsK torsO torTs torUs toshY toUrs trAsh trIos troDs troGs troIs troNs troTh troTs troWs troYs tYros Whort Worth Worts Wroth

Extensions: horstES

Sub-anagrams: ho hors hos host hot hots oh ohs or ors ort orts os rho rhos rost rot rots sh shot so soh sort sot soth st tho thro to tor tors tosh

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