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March 5th, 2005: SPIER


Anagrams: peris piers pries prise ripes speir spire

Hooks: spierS

Ana-hooks: Aspire Cripes espOir espriT Gripes Lisper pAries periLs perisH piKers piPers pisHer pisSer pLiers pOiser pOsier prAise preCis priCes priDes prieRs priesT priMes priseD priseS priZes reDips repiNs resHip ripeNs ripesT siMper sipPer siTrep sNiper speirS spiCer spiDer spiKer spireA spireD spireM spireS sprieR spriTe sTripe sWiper Tripes Uprise Vipers Wipers

'Typos': shier skier slier speer speir spied spiel spies spire

Blana-grams: Apers Apres Arise Asper Biers Birse Bries Cires Cries Cripe Crips Crisp Dries Drips eMirs epiCs Fires Fries Frise Gripe Grips Heirs Hires Keirs Kepis Kiers Liers Mires Miser Osier pAirs pAise pAres pAris pArse peArs peErs peiNs peisE peNis pePsi perCs perEs periL perKs perMs perPs persE perVs piKer piKes piLes piNes piPer piPes pirNs pisTe piXes pLier pLies pOise pOres pOser prAse preEs prePs presA presE presS presT preYs priCe priDe prieD prieR priGs priMe priMs prisM prisS priZe prOse pUris pUrse pYres rAise rApes reAps reDip reiFs reiNs repiN repOs repPs resiD resiN resiT riBes riCes riDes rieLs riLes riMes riNse ripeD ripeN ripeR riseN riseR riseS riTes riVes rOpes sCrip sepiA sepiC serAi seriF seriN sHire sieUr siKer sipeD sipeS sireD sireE sireN sireS sirUp siVer siXer siZer sLipe sNipe spAre speAr speiL sperM spiCe spiKe spiLe spiNe spirT spirY spiTe spOre spreE spriG spriT sprUe sTipe sTirp sTrep sTrip sUper sWipe Tiers Tires Tries Tripe Trips Viers Viper Vires Weirs Wiper Wipes Wires Wiser Wries Yipes

Extensions: Espier# RAspier WAspier WIspier spierED CRIspier CUspier# EspierS# GAspier# spierING TRANspierCE TRANspierCED TRANspierCES

Sub-anagrams: er ers es ire ires is pe per peri pes pi pie pier pies pis psi re rei reis rep reps res rip ripe rips rise sei ser si sip sipe sir sire sri

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