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January 27th, 2005: CROSIER

Definition: CROSIER*CROSIERS n a bishop's staff

Anagrams: cirrose corries orrices

Hooks: crosierS

Ana-hooks: coUriers criBrose croZiers Morrices resorciN rocKiers

'Typos': crosser crozier prosier

Blana-grams: cArries cHirres ciCeros cirroUs coArser coHeirs coiLers coiNers coPiers coPsier corBies corDers corKers corKier corKirs corNers corNier corsAir corsiVe cosierS coUrier coUrser coWries coZiers creMors criNose crisPer croNies croWers croZers crUiser crUores cUrries Discoer eroTics Forcers Gorsier Gricers Grocers Heroics Horsier iroNers Lorries Morrice orAcies orceiNs orciNes orriseS Persico Pricers recoiLs recoiNs recorDs recorKs recrosS recTors rescorE reVisor ricKers rioTers rocKers rocKier roisTer roriesT rosierE rosierS scArier scorerS scoriAe scorNer scorPer scorSer scoUrer scoUrie scoWrer scoWrie scriBer sericoN sorcerY sorrieR sUcrier Tercios Voicers Worries

Extensions: crosierED

Sub-anagrams: cero ceros cerris cire cires cis coir coirs cor core corer corers cores cories corrie cors corse cos cose cosie cosier crier criers cries cris crise crore crores er eric erics eros err errs ers es ice icer icers ices io ios ire ires is iso oe oes oi or orc orcs ore ores orrice orris ors os ose osier re rec recs rei reis res rice ricer ricers rices rise riser roc rocs roe roes rore rores roric rorie rose rosier score scorer sec seco sei seir ser seric serr si sic sice sir sire siroc so soc sore sorer sori sri

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