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January 25th, 2005: REOVIRUS

Definition: REOVIRUS*REOVIRUSES n a type of virus

Anagrams: ouvriers

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: ouvrierEs sAvourier

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Boursier Bouviers Couriers Fervours Grievous ouvrierE overruNs oversTir oversurE Pervious Previous Previsor Provirus revisorS revisorY reviVors rivuLose ruNovers sAvorier sAvourer sCurvier serviTor souveNir sTourier suPerior surveYor surviVer surviVor uPrivers viPerous virTuose viTreous voiTures

Extensions: reovirusES

Sub-anagrams: er eros err errs ers es euoi euro euros io ios ire ires is iso iure oe oes oi or ore ores orris ors os ose osier ou our ourie ourier ours ouvrier over overs re rei reis res rev revisor revs rise riser rive river rivers rives rivo rivos roe roes rore rores rorie rose rosier roue roues rouse rouser rove rover rovers roves rue ruer ruers rues ruse sei seir ser serr servo si sieur sir sire siver so sore sorer sori sou sour sourer sov sri sue suer sui sur sure surer ur ure ures us use user vers verso vie vier viers vies vire vireo vireos vires virose virous virus vis vise visor voe voes vor vors

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