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January 21st, 2005: SOLEUS

Definition: SOLEUS*SOLEI n a leg muscle

Anagrams: eusols louses ousels uloses

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Blouses Boluses Duloses eNsouls Flouses Housels loTuses Mousles Nousles osCules soluTes souPles Tousles

'Typos': coleus solers

Blana-grams: Blouse Boules Bouses Bulses Closes Dossel Douses Dulses eNsoul Flouse Foules Fusels Gusles Hosels Housel Houses Joules lesBos lessoN lessoR loOses loseLs loseRs losseS louIes louPes louRes louseD loWses lusHes Mouses Mousle Mousse Mulses Mussel Noules Nouses Nousle oBelus oleuMs oNuses oPuses osCule ouZels oVules Pluses Poules Pousse Pulses Pusles Pussel Roules Rouses Russel sAlues sCouse seGols seRous seTous sHeols sHules sloPes sluseS sMouse soCles solDes soluMs soluTe solVes soOles soRels souCes souleD souPle souRse souseD souseS soWles soYles sPouse sPules sToles Touses Tousle Tussle ulosIs uNless uRoses

Extensions: soleusES

Sub-anagrams: el els es ess eusol les less leu lo loess los lose loses loss louse lues oe oes ole oles os ose oses ou ousel sel sels sloe sloes slue slues sluse so sol sole soles sols solus sos sou soul souls sous souse sue sues sus ule ules us use uses

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