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December 31st, 2004: UNACTED

Definition: UNACTED adj

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aBducent adDucent aduncAte cHaunted cuneatEd Incudate Outdance uncaRted uncOated uncRated undeRact untacKed untRaced

'Typos': enacted

Blana-grams: adJunct atTuned audIent candeNt cantLed cantRed caudAte centauR cHanted cLauted cOunted cuneatE cuRated daunteD daunteR decantS decuMan deFunct deScant duRance educatE Gaunted Haunted Jaunced Jaunted Juncate Launced Lunated natuRed nuaNced nutaTed nutcaSe Pandect Quanted Saunted Scanted tacnOde taunTed tRaduce tRanced tunIcae unBated uncaGed uncaKed uncaPed uncaSed uncIted uncRate undateD undeaLt unLaced unMated unPaced unRaced unRated unSated untaMed untaXed unteacH untRace untRead Vaunced Vaunted

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acne acned act acted acute ad adunc ae an ance and ane ant ante anted at ate aune aunt cad cade cadent cadet can cane caned cant canted cat cate cent cud cue cued cunt cut cute da dace dae dan dance dant date daunt daut de dean decant den dent duan ducat duce duct due duet dun dunce dune dunt ea ean eat eau ecad ecu ed educt en enact end et eta etna na nae nat ne neat ned net nu nude nut ta tace tad tae taed tan tane tau te tea tead ted ten tend tuan tun tuna tund tune tuned un uncate unce undate unde ut uta ute

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