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December 20th, 2004: SYNERGIA

Definition: SYNERGIA*SYNERGIAS n synergy

Anagrams: resaying

Hooks: Asynergia synergiaS

Ana-hooks: asynergiA esTraying gainsAyer Layerings searingLy syringeaL yearLings yearniNgs

'Typos': synergic synergid

Blana-grams: aginNers aLigners anergiAs anergiEs angAries angriesT arAysing areFying arginAse asSigner asTringe asynergY Bearings Beraying Creasing Deraigns Deraying earniNgs earRings engraiLs engraiNs esSaying Frayings ganisTer ganTries gearinGs gerMains gesnEria graDines graineRs graniTes granNies graynesS greasiLy greasinG greCians greyinGs gyPseian Hearings Hearsing ignarOes ingraTes inLayers Larynges Layering Myringas nargiLes Organise Origanes Prayings Preasing rangiesT reaDings reaDying reaLigns reasSign reasTing reLaying renayiNg rePaying resaWing ringWays saBering saLering sangLier saVeying searCing searingS seignOry seMinary seringaS serRying sHearing signaLer sKearing sLangier sMearing snagGier snaiLery sPearing sPraying sTearing sTingray sTraying sWearing syneDria syringaS syringeD syringeS Tasering Varyings Vinegars Vinegary Wearings Wearying yeaLings yearDing yearLing yearniNg yeasTing yersinIa

Extensions: AsynergiaS

Sub-anagrams: ae aegis aery aesir ag age agen ager agers ages agin agnise agrin agrise ai aiery ain aine ains air airn airns airs airy ais an ane anergy anes anger angers angries angry ani anis anise any ar are areg ares aris arise arisen ars arse arsine ary as ay aye ayes aygre ayin ayins ayre ayres ayrie ayries ays ea ean eans ear earing earings earn earns ears eas easing easy egis en eng engs ens er era eras erasing erg ergs ering ern erns ers es eyas eying eyra eyras gae gaen gaes gain gainer gainers gains gair gairs gan gane gansey gar gare garni gars gas gay gayer gays gean geans gear gears gen gena genas gens gey geyan gi gie gien gies gin gins girn girns gis gnar gnars grain graine graines grains grainy gran grans gray grays greasy grein greins gren grens grey greys griesy grin grins gris grise grisy grysie gynae gynaes gynie gynies gyrase gyre gyres gyri in ins ire ires is na nae nag nags nare nares naris nary nas nay nays ne near nears nie nies niger nigers nis ny nyas nye nyes nys rag rage rages ragi ragis rags rai (and 172 more)

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