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November 25th, 2004: EUDAEMON

Definition: EUDAEMON*EUDAEMONS n eudemon

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: eudaemonS eudaemonY

Ana-hooks: demeanouR enamouRed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: amounTed Bemoaned demeanoR enamoRed eudemonS Lemonade nemaTode ouTnamed Queendom unmoaNed unSeamed unTeamed

Extensions: eudaemonIA eudaemonIC eudaemonIAS eudaemonICS eudaemonIES eudaemonISM eudaemonIST eudaemonISMS eudaemonISTS eudaemonISTIC

Sub-anagrams: ad adeem admen ado ae aeon am amen amend amende amene amened amu an and ane anode aune da dae daemon dam dame damn dan de dean dee deem deen deman deme demean demo demon den dene do doe doen dom dome don dona done donee douane doum douma duan due duma dun dunam dune duo ea ean eaned eau ed edema ee een em eme emend emeu emu en end endue ene enema eoan eon eudemon ma mad made mae man mand mane maned mano maud maun maund me mead mean meane meaned med meed men menad mend mene mened meno menu meou meoued meu mna mo moa moan moaned mod mode modena moe mon mona monad monde mou moue mound mu mud mun muon na nae nam name named ne ned nee need neem nema neum neume no nod node nom noma nomad nomade nome nu nude od oda ode odea odeum oe oedema om omen omened on one ou oud udo um un undam unde undee undo unmade

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