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November 24th, 2004: TEGMINAL

Definition: TEGMINAL adj pertaining to a tegmen

Anagrams: ligament metaling

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: alignmeNt emUlating glUtamine lamentiNg ligamentS metalLing Pigmental tRameling

'Typos': terminal

Blana-grams: aemUling agentiAl agminAte ailmentS alAiment aleRting alginAte alimentS alteRing antimAle atHeling Bailment Belating Bleating Cleating Delating eaStling emailIng emBaling emigRant emPaling enigmatA entamiNg eXalting Filament galenitE gantliNe gelatinE gelatinG gelatinS gelatiOn geminatE genitalS geRminal gleaminG gnatliKe gUnmetal imMantle integRal laminAte lateniNg legatinE legatinG legatiOn liegEman lOngtime magnetiC maligneD maligneR malingeR maltingS mangieSt manlieSt mantliNg meaSling meDaling megalitH melaniSt melanitE meltingS mintageS miSagent mUltiage Pleating Relating Remating Smaltine Smelting Stealing Steaming tangiBle tanglieR teaglinG teamingS teaZling tegUmina tRamline tRiangle Umangite Valeting Yealming

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agen agent agile agin aglet ai aiglet ail ailment aim ain aine ait al ale algin alien align aliment aline alit alme alt am amen ament ami amie amin amine an ane angel angle ani anil anile anime ant ante anti at ate atingle ea ean eat eating egal egma el elain elan elating elint elm elt em email emit en eng engilt enigma enlit entail entia et eta etamin etna gae gaen gain gait gal gale gam game gamin gamine gan gane gant gat gate geal gean geat geit gel gelant gelati gelatin gelt gem geminal gen gena genal genial genital gent gentil get geta gi giant gie gien gila gilet gilt gimel gimlet gin git gite glam gleam glean glei glen glent glia glim glime glint glit gnat ilea image in ingate ingle inlet inmate it ita item la lag lain lam lame lament laming lane lang lant lat late laten lati lea leam leaming lean leant leat leg legit legman lei leman leming leng lent lenti let li liane liang lie lien lig ligan ligate ligne lima liman lime limen limn lin linage line ling linga lingam lint lit lite ma mae mag mage (and 136 more)

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