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October 11th, 2004: EYRA

Definition: EYRA*EYRAS n a wild cat of tropical America

Anagrams: aery ayre yare year

Hooks: eyraS

Ana-hooks: aIery aPery areFy ayGre ayreS ayrIe Barye Beray Deary Deray earLy Faery Fayer Fayre Gayer Hayer Layer Leary Payer rayeD rayLe rayNe reaDy reaMy reLay reNay rePay reSay Sayer Teary Weary yaGer yareR yearD yearN yearS yerBa

'Typos': eyre eyry

Blana-grams: aBye aCer aCre aDry aerO aGer aIry aPer areA areD areG areS areT areW arLe arMy arSe arTy aryL aVer aWry ayeS Bare Baye Bear Brae Bray Byre Care Dare Dear Dray Drey Dyer earD earL earN earS eaSy eEry eraS eyaS eyEr Fare Fear Frae Fray Gare Gear Gray Grey Gyre Hare Hear Hery Kyar Laer Lare Lear Lyre Mare Mary Nare Nary Near Oary Oyer Pare Pear Pray Prey Pyre raCe raCy raDe raGe raKe raLe raPe raRe raSe raTe raVe rayA rayS raZe reaD reaK reaL reaM reaN reaP reaR reLy reNy rHea ryaL ryaS ryeS ryFe ryKe ryPe Sear Sera Tare Tear Tray Trey Trye Tyer Tyre Urea Vare Vary Vera Very Ware Wary Wear yaLe yarD yarN yarR yaTe yeaD yeaH yeaN yeaS yerD yerK yOre

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ary ay aye ea ear er era ray re rya rye ya yar ye yea

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