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September 15th, 2004: CONATIVE

Definition: CONATIVE adj

Anagrams: invocate

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aDvection evocatinG evocatiOn invocateD invocateS novicIate

'Typos': donative

Blana-grams: acetoniC aconiteS actioneD actioneR anoRetic canoeiSt catenoiD cavAtine centavoS ciStvaen coaCtive coinMate coinveNt contRive covaLent covenaNt covetinG cReation enactioN enactivE evEction evictIon eXaction inactIve incHoate inNovate Locative naviceRt Reaction Sonicate Stovaine taconiTe Unactive vacAtion venatioN veRonica veSicant veXation vocatiOn vocatiVe voiDance

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acetin acne aconite act actin action active acton ae aeon aeonic ai ain aine ait an ance ane anetic ani anoetic ant ante anti antic at ate atoc atone atonic ave avine avion avo avocet cain can cane canoe cant canto cat cate cation cave cavie cent centavo cento ciao cine cion cit cite cito cive civet coat coate coati coin coit con cone coni conia conte cot cotan cote cove coven covent covet covin ea ean eat en enact enatic eniac entia envoi eoan eon et eta etic etna evict ice icon in incave incavo into io ion iota it ita na nae naevi naive naoi nat native nave ne neat net nevi nice nie nit nite no noetic not nota note notice nova novae novice oat oaten oca ocean octa octan octane octave oe oi oint on once one ontic otic ova ovate oven ovine ta tace taco tae tai tain tan tane tao tav te tea ten tenia ti tic tice tie tin tine tinea to toc toe toea ton tone tonic vac vae vain van vane vant vat vatic vein vena venatic vent vet veto via viae vice vie vin vina vinca vine vino vint (and 6 more)

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