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May 31st, 2004: DEMITASSE

Definition: DEMITASSE*DEMITASSES n (undef)

Anagrams: misseated

Hooks: demitasseS

Ana-hooks: deFeatisms sidestReam stReamside

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adAmsites amNestied amNesties aNdesites deCimates deFeatism demeNtias diameteRs diatHeses disesteEm dismaLest dismasteD disseateD dReamiest estimaTed estimaTes maJesties masteRies measLiest meatiNess medaLists mediCates meditaTes metaLised metaLises misstaTed mOdesties sedatiVes sedimeNts seedtimEs smeaRiest stamPedes staTeside steadieRs steadiesT steamiesT stePdames

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adeem adeems adit adits admit admits ads ae aedes ai aid aide aides aids aim aimed aims ais ait aits am ami amid amide amides amids amidst amie amies amis amiss as aside asides ass asset at ate ates dais daises dam dame dames dams dassie date dates de dee deem deems dees deet deets deism deisms deist deists demast demasts deme demes demies demise demises demit demits desist diastem diastems die dies dieses diet diets dim dime dimes dims dis disease dismast disme dismes diss disseat dit dita ditas dite dites dits ease eased eases easies easiest east easts eat eats ed edema edemas edit edits eide em eme emes emesis emit emits ems es eses ess et eta etas id idea ideas ideate ideates idem ides ids is ism isms it item itemed items its ma mad made mads mae maes maid maids maist maists mas mass masse massed mast masted masts mat mate mated mates mats me mead meads meat meated meats med media mediae medias mediate mediates meed meeds meet meets mesa mesas mess messed met meta mete meted metes metis metisse mi mid mids midst midsts mis misate misdate misdates mise misease miseat miseats (and 143 more)

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