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May 24th, 2004: SEMIHOBO

Definition: SEMIHOBO*SEMIHOBOS*SEMIHOBOES n a person having some of the characteristics of a hobo

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: semihoboS

Ana-hooks: boNhomies

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: besmooTh bioheRms bohemiAs boNhomie boomiesT bosomieR hoboismS homeboYs homeosiS obeAhism Ribosome smooThie

Extensions: semihoboES

Sub-anagrams: be besom bi bio biome biomes bios bis bise bish bo boh bohs boo booh boohs boom booms boos boose bos bosh bosom eh ehs em ems es he hem hems hes hi hie hiems hies him himbo himbos his hm ho hob hobo hoboes hoboism hobos hobs hoe hoes hoi hoise home homes homo homos hoo hos hose io ios is ish ism iso me mebos mes mesh mho mhos mi mib mibs mis mise miso mo mob mobs moe moes moi moo mooi moos moose mos mose ob obe obeism obes obi obis obo oboe oboes obos obs oe oes oh ohm ohms oho ohos ohs oi om oms oo ooh oohs oom ooms oos oose os ose sei semi sh she shim shmo shoe shoo si sib sim so sob soh soho some soom

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