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May 16th, 2004: RACEMES

Definition: RACEME*RACEMES n a mode of arrangement of flowers along an axis

Anagrams: amerces caremes

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: amerceRs casHmere casImere creameRs cremaTes emBraces macHrees marcHese meercaTs meNacers racemIse racemOse recLames scLerema screameD screameR

'Typos': racemed

Blana-grams: acerOse aLerces amBeers amerceD amerceR amesAce amOrces amPeres Beamers Besmear camBers camerAe camerAs cameseS camPers careeNs careeRs casemeN caserNe cemBras ceraTes cereaLs cermeTs cesUrae cramBes cramesY creameD creameR creaseD creaseR creaseS creaTes cremaTe Decares ecarTes ecZemas emBaces emBrace emPares eNraces escaPer Hareems macHree maHseer marceLs marcHes meaGres meaLers meaNers measUre meercaT meNacer meNaces mercaTs merceRs mercIes mesarcH Pearces Percase Preaces reacHes reameRs recaNes recLame reFaces reLaces remaDes remaKes remaTes remeaDs reNames rescaLe resPace reTeams scamPer scHemer scHmear scHmeer scLerae screamS seamerS seamIer searceD searceS secreTa serIema smacKer smeareD smeareR sTeamer Teamers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acers aces acme acmes acre acres ae aesc am ameer ameers amerce ar arc arcs are ares arm arms ars arse as caese cam came cames camese cams car care careme cares cars carse case ceas cease cee cees cere ceres cram crame crames crams cream creams crease cree crees creme cremes ea ear ears eas ease ee em eme emes ems er era eras erase ere eres ers es escar ma mac mace macer macers maces macs mae maes mar marc marcs mare mares mars marse mas mase maser me meare meares mease meer meers merc mercs mere meres merse mes mesa mese race raceme races ram ramee ramees rams ras rase re ream reame reames reams rec recs ree rees rem rems res sac sae sam same sar saree scam scar scare scrae scram scream scree sea seam seame seamer sear searce seare sec see seem seer seme ser sera serac sere sma smear smee

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