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May 4th, 2004: FUSTIAN

Definition: FUSTIAN*FUSTIANS n a cotton fabric

Anagrams: faunist fiaunts infaust

Hooks: fustianS

Ana-hooks: faunistS faustiAn fLutinas infLatus unfaitHs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aniCuts antifLu antifuR asQuint auntiEs fainEst fastinG fauVist fistuLa fLaunts fLutina funKias fusainS fustinG infaNts inHaust isSuant Manitus naifEst nautiCs nutRias Quintas sautinG sinuatE sunfaSt suStain tanuKis tinfuLs tsunaMi unaList unfaCts unfaiRs unfaitH unsaiNt unsHift unstaiD

Extensions: fustianISE fustianIST fustianIZE RUMfustianS fustianISED fustianISES fustianISTS fustianIZED fustianIZES fustianISING fustianIZING RUMfustian(S)

Sub-anagrams: aft ai ain ains ais ait aits aitu aitus an ani anis ant anti antis ants anus as astun at auf aufs aunt aunts fa fain fains faint faints fan fans fas fast fasti fat fats faun fauns fiat fiats fiaunt fin fins fist fit fits fun funs fusain fust if ifs in ins inust is it ita itas its na naif naifs nas nat nats nis nit nits nu nus nut nuts sai sain saint san sant sat sati satin sau saunt saut si sift sin sit snafu snift snit st stain stun sui suint suit sun ta tai tain tains tais tan tans tas tau taus ti tin tins tis tuan tuans tufa tufas tui tuina tuinas tuis tun tuna tunas tuns un unai unais unfit unfits uni unis unit units uns us ut uta utas utis uts

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