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May 3rd, 2004: ISOPODAN

Definition: ISOPODAN*ISOPODANS n an isopod

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: isopodanS

Ana-hooks: adopTions poinadoEs pRosodian

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adopTion anoopsiA apodosiS diapAson dipnoaNs dipnooUs Epanodos iodopsIn opPidans pandooRs pinTados poGonias poiGnado poisonEd poniaRds saTinpod spadRoon spondaiC sponGoid

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adios ado adonis ados ads ai aid aidos aids ain ains ais an and ands ani anis apod apods as asp da dais dan danio danios dans dap daps das di din dino dinos dins dip dips dipso dis disa do don dona donas dons doo doona doonas doos dop dopa dopas dops dos dso id ids in ins io ion ions ios is iso isopod na naoi naos nap napoo napoos naps nas nid nids nip nipa nipas nips nis no nod nodi nods noo noop noops nos od oda odas ods odso oi on ons oo oon oons oop oops oos op ops opsin os pa pad padi padis pads paid pain pains pais pan pand pands pans pas pi pia pian piano pianos pians pias pin pina pinas pins pion pions pis piso po poa poas pod podia pods poi poinado poind poinds pois poison pond ponds pons poo pood poods poon poons poos pos psi psion psoai sad sadi sai said sain san sand sap sapid si sida sin sind sip snap snip snod snood snoop so soap sod soda sodain son soon soop sop spa spado spain span spin spina spoon

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