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April 29th, 2004: ROLAMITE

Definition: ROLAMITE*ROLAMITES n a nearly frictionless mechanical device

Anagrams: amitrole

Hooks: rolamiteS

Ana-hooks: amitroleS melioratE

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerolitE aerolitH amoretTi amortiSe amortiZe atomiSer atomiZer emUlator erotiCal Floatier iDolater imMolate imMortal laBorite lamiSter loamieSt loriCate marlieSt marliteS martelLo materiAl materiEl meDiator meMorial metriCal miSalter moatliKe molaritY moraliSe moraliSt moralitY moraliZe orieNtal Petiolar Proemial relatioN remitTal retailoR tailoreD temPoral termiNal tramliNe triaZole Violater

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aero ai ail aim aimer air airt ait al ale alert alit alme aloe alt alter alto am ami amie amir amole amort ar are ariel aril arm armet armlet art artel at ate atom ear earl eat el elm em emir emit er era et eta ilea imaret iota irate ire it item la lair lam lame lamer lar lari lat late later lati lea lear lei let li liar lie lier lima lime limo lira lire lirot lit lite liter litre lo loam loamier loiter lore lot lota loti ma mae mail maile mailer mair male maloti malt maltier mar mare marl marlite mart mat mate mater me meal meat mel melt merit merl merlot met meta metal metro mi mil mile miler milo milt milter mir mire mite miter mitral mitre mo moa moat moil moiler moira moire mol mola molar mole molt molter mor mora morae moral morale more morel mort mortal mot mote motel motile motlier oar oat oater oe oil oiler ole olea om omer omit or ora oral orate ore oriel orle ort rail rale ram ramet rami ramie ramtil rat rate ratel ratio rato re real realm ream rei relit rem (and 84 more)

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