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March 11th, 2004: SOLATION

Definition: SOLATION*SOLATIONS n the act of solating

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Isolation solationS

Ana-hooks: Boltonias isoDontal isolatIon loBations loCations oBlations oPtionals solVation tonsoRial toRsional

'Typos': solution

Blana-grams: ailAntos alAtions aMotions antiloGs antlioNs Boltonia Colonist Coolants Elations inosItol insolatE isoGonal isolatoR Kilotons lanositY loBation loCation looniEst lootinGs Moonsail Motional notioNal oBlation oCtanols oilstonE oPtional oRations oRtolans ostinaTo ostiolaR oVations Platoons saltoinG snootilY solatinG solitonS stalLion stoloniC stoolinG toEnails tonsilaR toolinGs

Extensions: IsolationS DEsolationS INsolationS CONsolationS IsolationISM IsolationIST DEsolation(S) INsolation(S) IsolationISMS IsolationISTS POSTIsolation CONsolation(S) DISCONsolationS IsolationISM(S) IsolationIST(S) DISCONsolation(S)

Sub-anagrams: ai ail ails ain ains ais ait aits al alist alit aloin aloins als also alsoon alt alto altos alts an ani anil anils anis ant anti antis ants as at in ins instal into io ion ions ios iota iotas is iso it ita itas its la lain lant lants las last lat lati latino latinos lats li lin lino linos lins lint lints lion lions lis list lit litas lits lo loan loans loast loin loins loo loon loons loos loot loots los lost lot lota lotas loti lotion lotions loto lotos lots na nail nails naoi naos nas nat nats nil nils nis nit nits no noil noils nolo nolos noo nos nostoi not nota notal oast oat oats oi oil oils oint oints olio olios on ons onst onto oo oon oons oont oonts oos oot oots os ostia ostial sai sail sain saint sal salon saloon salt salto san sant santo santol sat sati satin si sial sialon silo silt sin sit slain slant slat slit sloan sloot slot snail snit snool snoot snot so soil sol sola solan solano soli solion solito soliton solo solon son soon soot sot sotol st stain stoa stoai (and 44 more)

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