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February 27th, 2004: TRONE

Definition: TRONE*TRONES n a weighing device

Anagrams: noter ronte tenor toner

Hooks: troneS

Ana-hooks: Atoner Breton Cornet Cronet enroOt Hornet Lentor Mentor Montre neStor norIte noterS notHer orIent ornAte retoRn roDent ronteS rotTen Stoner tenorS tenoUr tenSor tHrone tonerS tonGer tonIer tonKer tonNer torTen

'Typos': crone drone grone irone krone prone trine trode troke trona tronc trons trope trove

Blana-grams: Antre Atone Beton Boner Borne Brent Cento Conte Doter Drent enorM enroL entEr entrY erGon erGot eStro Fetor Forte Freon Front Genro Goner Heron Honer Hoten Inert Inter Intro Jeton Lento Loner Mento Metro Moner Monte Morne Moten neGro neroL nertS nertZ netoP nIter nItre nItro noNet nortH noSer noteD noteS oAten oAter oFten oFter oLent onCer onerS onerY onSet oPter orAnt orAte otHer otTer oUter oUtre oVert oWner oXter Prent reCon reCto reDon reJon rentE rentS rePot retRo reWon rHone roAte ronDe roneO roneS ronNe rontS roSet roteD roteS rotTe roUen roUte roVen roWen roYne roZet Senor Seron Seton Snore Snort Steno Stern Stone Store tenNo tenoN ternE ternS tHorn tHroe toKen toKer toneD toneS toneY tonNe toPer torAn toreS torSe torTe toTer toWer toYer treEn trenD tUner tWoer Urent Voter Wrote Yrent Zoner

Extensions: EStroneS OEStroneS PAtroneSS EMPAtroneD EStrone(S) ULtroneOUS MINEStroneS OEStrone(S) PAtroneSSES PEtroneL(S) ULtroneOUSLY CItroneLLA(S) MINEStrone(S) PEtroneLLA(S) CItroneLLAL(S) CItroneLLOL(S) ULtroneOUSNESS

Sub-anagrams: en eon er ern et ne net no nor not note oe on one oner or ore ort re ren rent ret roe rone ront rot rote te ten tern to toe ton tone tor tore torn tron

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