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February 21st, 2004: OMER

Definition: OMER*OMERS n a Hebrew unit of dry measure

Anagrams: more

Hooks: Comer Homer Vomer omerS

Ana-hooks: Brome Crome Drome eNorm eProm Forme Horme meTro moDer moIre moNer moPer morAe moreL moreS morNe morSe moVer moWer omBer omBre ormeR Proem romeO roWme Smore

'Typos': omen oner over ower oxer oyer

Blana-grams: Aero Berm Bore Cero Come Core Corm Demo Derm Doer Dome Dore Dorm emIr eorL erGo eroS eUro Ferm Fore Form Froe From Germ Goer Gore Gorm Herm Hero Hoer Home Hore Kore Lome Lore mAre meEr meMo meNo meoU meoW merC merE merI merK merL mIre moDe moeS moHr moKe moLe moMe moOr moPe morA morN morS morT moSe moTe moUe moVe moZe mUre Nome Norm oGre oreS orFe orLe oWre Perm Poem Pome Pore Prom reAm reDo reGo remS rePo rIem rIme roAm roBe roDe roeD roeS roKe roLe romA romP romS roNe roOm roPe roRe roSe roTe roUe roUm roVe rUme Some Sore Term Tome Tore Wore Worm Yore Zero

Extensions: ComerS HomerS TOomer VomerS omerTA BOomerS BUXomer GLomerA HomerED ISomerS ROomerS omerTAS BLOomerS BLOomerY FULSomer GROomerS HomerING HomerOOM INComerS IONomerS ISomerIC MONomerS SomerSET VENomerS VomerINE WINSomer ALLComerS BOTTomerS BOomer(S) CAPSomerS CUSTomerS GLADSomer GLomerATE GLomerULI GREWSomer GRUESomer HANDSomer HOMEomerY HomerOOMS ISomer(S) ISomerOUS LYomerOUS MISNomerS MONomerIC NEWComerS OLIGomerS OUTHomerS PLEIomerY PORomerIC RANSomerS ROomer(S) SomerSETS TAUTomerS WELComerS WomerA(S) AERONomerS BLOomer(S) BLOomerIES COMONomerS ELASTomerS GLomerATED GLomerATES GLomerULAR GLomerULUS GROomer(S) GomerAL(S) GomerEL(S) GomerIL(S) HOMEomerIC HOMOEomerY INComer(S) IONomer(S) ISomerE(S) ISomerISED ISomerIZED LATEComerS MISNomerED MONomer(S) OLIGomerIC OUTHomerED OVERComerS PomerOY(S) SomerSAULT SomerSETED TAUTomerIC TAXONomerS UNBOSomerS URomerE(S) VENomer(S) WHOLESomer WOomerA(S) AGGLomerATE ANISomerOUS ASTRONomerS BOTTomer(S) BOomerANGED CAPSomer(S) CENTRomerIC CHIRONomerS CHROMomerIC (and 103 more)

Sub-anagrams: em er me mo moe mor oe om or ore re rem roe rom

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