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February 17th, 2004: HERM

Definition: HERM*HERMS n a type of statue

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Therm hermA hermS

Ana-hooks: hArem hOmer hOrme rehEm rheUm rhIme rhYme

'Typos': berm derm ferm germ harm helm herb herd here herl hern hero hers hery perm term

Blana-grams: Ahem Cher emIr Fehm hAem hAme hAre heAr heIr hemE hemP hemS hIre hOer hOme hOre hUer Lehr mAre meEr merC merE merI merK merL meSh meTh mIre mOhr mOre mUre Omer reAm rehS remS reSh rheA rIem rIme rUme Tehr Them Vehm

Extensions: ThermE ThermS hermAE hermAI hermIT ThermAE ThermAL ThermEL ThermES ThermIC ThermOS hermITS BIOhermS ThermALS ThermELS ThermION ThermITE hermAEAN hermETIC hermITIC hermITRY DIAThermY FIShermAN FIShermEN ISOThermS ThermALLY ThermE(S) ThermICAL ThermIDOR ThermIONS ThermITES ThermOSES ThermOSET ThermOTIC WAShermAN WAShermEN hermANDAD hermETICS hermETISM hermETIST hermITAGE hermITESS hermITISM AThermANCY BIOherm(S) DIAThermAL DIAThermIC ECTOThermS ENDOThermS ENDOThermY EPIThermAL EURYThermS EXOThermAL EXOThermIC GEOThermAL GEOThermIC HIGhermOST HIThermOST NEThermORE NEThermOST NONThermAL TELPhermAN TELPhermEN ThermAL(S) ThermALISE ThermALIZE ThermEL(S) ThermIONIC ThermISTOR ThermOFORM ThermOGRAM ThermOLOGY ThermOPHIL ThermOPILE ThermOSETS ThermOSTAT ThermOTICS WEAThermAN WEAThermEN hermANDADS hermATYPIC hermETICAL hermETISMS hermETISTS hermITAGES hermITICAL hermITISMS hermITRIES ADIAThermIC AThermANOUS DIAThermACY DIAThermIES DIAThermOUS ECTOThermIC ENDOThermIC EURYThermAL EURYThermIC FARThermORE FARThermOST FURThermORE (and 176 more)

Sub-anagrams: eh em er he hem her hm me re reh rem

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