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February 16th, 2004: SOVIET

Definition: SOVIET*SOVIETS n a legislative body in a Communist country

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sovietS

Ana-hooks: Costive Doviest Motives oLivets oUtvies stovieS toRsive vioLets voGiest

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Avoset Boites Cestoi Civets Cotise Covets Devots Divest Divots eGoist eNvois eviCts evitEs Goiest iNvest Livest Motive Movies oeCist oGives oLives oLivet otiOse oUtvie ovAtes oviNes ovistS Pivots Postie Potsie Rivets sAtive soBeit soFtie soLive soMite soPite soRtie stievE stiveD stiveR stiveS stoGie stoveD stoveR stoveS stRive stRove sWivet tiRoes toBies toDies toiLes toiseS toNies toRies toWies toZies tRevis tRiose tRoves veRist vetoEs viDeos viLest vioLet viReos viRose visIte vistoS voiCes voiLes voLets voLtes voMits voteRs votiVe

Extensions: sovietIC sovietISE sovietISM sovietIZE sovietISED sovietISES sovietISMS sovietIZED sovietIZES sovietISING sovietIZING sovietIZATION sovietOLOGIST sovietIZATIONS sovietOLOGISTS

Sub-anagrams: es est et io ios is iso it its oe oes oi os ose ovist sei set si sit site so sot sov st stie stive stove te tes ti tie ties tis to toe toes toise tose vest vet veto vets vie vies vis vise visto vite voe voes vote votes

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