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February 12th, 2004: UNDE

Definition: UNDE adj wavy

Anagrams: dune nude

Hooks: undeE undeR

Ana-hooks: dunCe duneS enduE Indue nudeR nudeS nudGe nudIe nuKed Runed Tuned unBed undUe unFed unKed unLed unRed unWed uPend uRned

'Typos': nude unbe unce undo undy urde

Blana-grams: Aune Bedu Bend Bund Cued deAn deEn denE denS denT denY deRn deuS dIne dOen dOne duAn duCe duDe dueD dueL dueS dueT duKe duLe dunG dunK dunS dunT duPe duRe duRn dYne endS Fend Feud Fund Genu Gude Hend Hued Lend Leud Lude Lune Mend Menu nedS neEd neRd neuK neuM nIde nIed nOde nuKe nuRd nYed Pend Rend Rude Rued Rund Rune Send Sned Sued Tend Tund Tune uSed Vend Wend

Extensions: BundeD DundeR FundeD FundeR SundeR TundeD undeAD undeAF undeAR undeCK undeRN ALIunde ASundeR BOundeD BOundeN DundeRS FOundeD FundeRS HOundeD LOundeD MAundeD MOundeD POundeD ROundeD SOundeD SundeCK SundeRS WOundeD undeAFS undeALT undeCKS undeIFY undeRDO undeRGO undeRNS ABOundeD DEFundeD FLOundeR GROundeD GROundeN GROundeR OBTundeD REFundeD RETundeD ROTundeD ROTundeR ROundeST SOundeST STOundeD SWOundeD SundeCKS SundeRED SundeRER THundeRY UNFundeD YBOundeN undeAFED undeCENT undeCKED undeEDED undeFIDE undeFIED undeNIED undeRACT undeRAGE undeRARM undeRATE undeRBID undeRBIT undeRBUD undeRBUY undeRCUT undeRDID undeRDOG undeREAT undeRFED undeRFUR undeRGOD undeRJAW undeRLAP undeRLAY undeRLET undeRLIE undeRLIP undeRLIT undeRMAN undeRMEN undeRPAY undeRPIN undeRRAN undeRRUN undeRSAY undeRSEA undeRSET undeRSKY undeRTAX undeRTOW undeRUSE undeRWAY undeRWIT (and 894 more)

Sub-anagrams: de den due dun ed en end ne ned nu un

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