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January 17th, 2004: ANTERIOR

Definition: ANTERIOR adj situated in or toward the front

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aerotrAin Cinerator oVertrain Pretorian Serration

'Typos': interior

Blana-grams: aCtioner aDroiter aerAtion airBorne anoeStri anoiNter anoretiC antiHero antrorSe arointeD arSonite atroPine Baritone Carrotin Contrair Creation Deration Frontier inerraNt inorNate interroW interWar introrSe inVertor ironWare nitraTor notarieS notariSe notariZe oBtainer oranGier orDainer orDinate orientaL Pretrain Priorate rationeD ratoOner reaCtion reanoiNt reLation reoBtain reorDain reoriEnt reStrain retaiLor retainEr retiranT retrainS ritorneL roarieSt roSinate rotarieS Senorita Snortier Strainer taBorine taiLeron tenToria terrainS terraPin tHornier trainerS tranSire triCorne Urinator Veratrin

Extensions: anteriorLY anteriorITY anteriorITIES

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon aero ai ain aine air airer airn airt ait an ane ani ant ante anti antre ar are aret ariot aroint arret art artier at ate atone atoner ea ean ear earn eat en entia eoan eon er era ern err errant et eta etna in inert inro inter into intra intro io ion iota irate irater ire iron irone ironer it ita na nae naoi nare narre nat ne near neat net nie nit nite niter nitre nitro no noir nor nori noria norite not nota note noter oar oarier oat oaten oater oe oi oint on one oner or ora orant orate ore orient ornate ornater orra ort otarine rai rain raine rait ran rani rant ranter rare rat rate rater ratine ratio ration rato re rean rear rei rein ren rent reran ret retain retia retina retorn retrain retro ria riant rin rine riot rioter rit rite roan roar roarie roate roe roin rone ront ronte rore rorie rort rot rota rote roti ta tae tai tain tan tane tao tar tare tarn taro tarre te tea tear ten tenia tenor terai tern terra terrain ti tiar tie tier tin tine tinea tire tiro tirr (and 25 more)

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