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December 23rd, 2003: TENSITY

Definition: TENSITY*TENSITIES n the state of being tense

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: entRyist tintyPes

'Typos': density tenuity

Blana-grams: Cystein Cystine Dentist Destiny Distent entRist entWist instAte inteNts Jitneys Kittens Kitteny Mittens Retints sAtiety sAtinet settinG sinteRy sittIne sMitten snOttie sPitten stinteD stinteR styLite stytinG syenitE teEntsy tenNist testiFy testiLy testinG tinIest tinseyS tinteRs tintyPe tOniest tOnites tUniest tWinset tyPiest tystieS Witneys

Extensions: EXtensity INtensity PROtensity OVERINtensity SUPERINtensity

Sub-anagrams: en ens entity es est et ettin ettins in ins inset is it its ne neist nest net nets nett netts netty nie nies nis nit nite nites nits nitty ny nye nyes nys sei seity sen sent senti set sett sey si sien sient sin sine sit site sitten snit sny snye st stein sten stent stet stey stie stint stinty sty stye styte sye syen syn syne te ten tens tent tents tenty tes test testy tet tets ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tinsey tint tints tinty tiny tis tit tite tits tye tyes tyne tynes tystie tyte ye yen yens yes yest yet yeti yetis yett yetts yin yins yite yites

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